Independent Clinicians Lcd Clc Sw Lm Ft And Or Lpc

Effective Immediately: ZWG HAS A DESIRE TO WORK WITH 6 LCD's, LMFT's, and or LPC's

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that we are a “Private Practice Wellness Model” and hear that we believe our strength is helping Providers develop into “Independent Private Practice”;

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that we have contract opportunities that lead into full-time and part-time employment ; 

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that we offer fully furnished offices ----- 

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear about our marketing events and know that we expect them to participate in the marketing events; 

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that we will provide training on presentations and speaking; we have have independent contracts to offer.  

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that ZWG provides administrative support; Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday's 9am to 12 noon.    

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that day time, evening, and weekend hours are available. Overall on- call is shared one (1) to two (2) times per year by all; 

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that ZWG will provide intake forms, billing logs, files, business cards, presence on our websites, commercial (this is a paid fee to ZWG) and other services as appropriate for administrative and professional development 

INDEPENDENT Providers who hear that ZWG reserves the right not to refer a client until: a Criminal Background Check with the state of Texas (TX) and the federal government has been passed; Primary and Secondary license verification has been determined and meets minimum standard i.e. licensure must be at a minimum of 1-3 years post internship to be considered independent; Credentialing must be completed with the primary insurance panels of which you are capable of seeing clients and you must be approved by the insurance panels before receiving referrals as a clinician with the ZWG  team. Unless the client is one of more of the following: Private pay, under contract with grant funding that does not require insurance reimbursement; and or under a contract with an EAP service that is directly awarded to ZWG. 

INDEPENDENT Licenses of interest to ZWG are LCDC, LCSW, LMFT, and or LPC;

INDEPENDENT Licenses, Liability Insurance and CEU’s must be current at all times and yes we do review the National Practitioners Data Base and reserve the right to perform a Criminal Background Check.

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