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For practical relationship advice, couples and marriage counseling, conflict resolution and help for mood disorders including depression, anxiety, panic, grief, anger, stress and trauma through confidential, convenient, effective, safe and affordable internet and phone counseling services with an experienced master’s level nationally certified, licensed mental health counselor.

Help with speaking to a referral about Tele-video

Caller: “Hi. I am calling you today on behalf of {referral source} because we received a referral for an appointment with our psychiatrist.”

Client: “Oh yes”

Caller: “I am calling to make you an appointment. The appointment will be done through tele-video.”

Client: “What is that?”

Caller: “What we do is connect you with our psychiatrist through your computer to have a video session with the psychiatrist.”

Client: “I don’t feel comfortable doing that because I am not good with computers. I would prefer to see them in person.”

Caller: “We offer this because is saves you time, money and you will never miss and appointment because of bad weather. You save with the cost of driving to a location and keeps you safe from driving in bad weather and you don’t have to wait to see the psychiatrist because you just login at the time and you will begin your session.”

Client: “I don’t know how to use the computer.”

Caller: “Do you have an email address?”


Scenario 1

Client: *“No.”

*Caller: “Do you have anyone in the family that you can have us send an email to, so you can login to a site.”

*Client: “yes” (whomever)

*Caller: “Please tell them to send me an email saying that you gave permission to contact us and send you the information to login to the tele-video site.” {give your email address} or give verbal permission to speak to them and have them call the office. (verbal permission will have to be documented)


Scenario 2

Client: “Yes”

Caller: “Give me your email address and I will send you a link to login to with instructions on what to do, step by step.”

Client: “I am nervous about this, what if I can’t do it or get confused and can’t get on with the doctor.”

Caller: “Don’t worry, it is very simple. If you have trouble on the day of your appointment, call us back and we will email the doctor and let them know that we are assisting you to login.

After the first time you do this, you will see how simple it is and how much more comfortable you will be not having to leave your home, if you feel more comfortable, I can send you a link now and you can call me back when you get it and we can go through the instructions together and login just to test it.”


*****What if the client does not have a computer******


If the caller discovers that the client does not have access to a computer, arrangements need to be made for the client to go to one of the ZWG location(s) so that someone is there to assist the person to login to the session.

Be mindful of the calendars of the counselors who will be at the location at the time to make sure there is  enough time allotted to the client’s tele-video session in between the counseling sessions.


Again call your companies HR department to see if EAP is an option for you.

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