Coronavirus And Counseling


Staying Healthy and Safe in Such Times as These!

From the Behavioral Health and Wellness Team


Zeitgeist Wellness Group

Because of our concern for the safety and health of our customers and employees regarding the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, we want to reassure you that Zeitgeist Wellness Group has taken several measures to protect you and our employees, and to maintain an uninterrupted level of service that you can rely upon.

  • To help prevent the spread of viruses, we’ve increased the precautions beyond those that we use each year during flu season. Employees are encouraged to wash their hands often, and while we have always made hand sanitizer stations available for customers and employees, we’ve added more and placed them in prominent locations.

  • Employees in support positions have the ability to work from home or other remote locations, which will help keep operations functioning. Any employee who is feeling ill is encouraged to stay home, additional steps to sanitize work areas has also been put in place.  

  • If you’d rather not visit us at our face to face offices, we’ll understand – but remember that you can receive services from us via Televideo platforms.  Just one click away!

  • If you do visit one of our local offices, you may see signs of additional protections. “To shake hands or not to shake hands?”:  That is the question. While we’re always happy to see you, we may choose an elbow bump over a handshake for the time being.

  • As always, if we need to communicate quickly with you or you with us, we can reach you through our website, and over our social media channels (Website  Facebook, and LinkedIn), and of course by email, and phone.

This is an evolving situation, but at Zeitgeist, we’ve lots of ups and downs in our 22-year history. Through it all, Zeitgeist has remained a safe, sound place to do engage in the behavioral health and wellness support you need!


Staying in touch with customers is a big part of that, so feel free to call us anytime at 210-447-7373 or email us [email protected] !


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