This is the Question: A Business Model for Establishing a Psychiatry/Counseling Practice

This is the Question: A Business Model for Establishing a Psychiatry/Counseling Practice.

1. Group practices are they a thing of the past?

2. COVID- 19 and group practices.

3. Medical Doctors and private practices - "Where have all the Good Doctors Gone?

4. Are paid internships on the horizon? Why or Why Not?

5. Learn and discuss problems associated with managed care, as well as problems faced if one does NOT work with managed care companies for insurances.

6. Learn to develop a marketing plan and explore new avenues for growing a counseling/psychiatry practice based upon direct contracting with federal, state, and corporate entities.

7. Medical practices also need behavioral health and wellness specialists.

This workshop is designed to encourage future Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Counselors to consider the options of a group private practice to explore business options that are not presented in academia. Each participant should come with promotional brochures or marketing materials in order to share ideas with the group. We will discuss ways of working with managed care companies as it relates to direct care of the client as well as Mediation Services, Coaching, Critical Incident Debriefing i.e., crisis response training, and Training sessions i.e., developing "Brown Bag Luncheon" topics.

Other topics of discussion will include managing employees, networking with other professionals, billing and collections, setting up a business model, and finally suing new technologies. This interactive workshop has been presented to Educators, Clergy, Parents Behavioral Health Clinicians, Corporate and Federal Clients as well as Students attending Colleges and Universities. ZWG is looking for Independently Licensed PA's and NP's in mental health only. The need is there are you ready to be an independent.

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